Bruce DarConte

Since moving to the Capitol Riverfront in 2007, Bruce DarConte has been a champion for the neighborhood. Bruce has volunteered for the Capitol Riverfront as President of the Capitol Quarter Homeowner’s Association, served on the Steering Committee for the new Capitol Quarter Community Building, participated in the District’s re-districting of Ward 6, advocated for the opening of Van Ness Elementary School, and participated in environmental
cleanups. Recently, Bruce co-founded the Near Southeast Community Partners (NSCP), a 501(c)3 organization focused on education & the environment, which also hosts groups like the BID’s Clean & Safe Team at Nationals Park.

How would you describe the Capitol Riverfront to friends and visitors?

I would describe it as a vibrant riverfront community. It offers everything from access to the Anacostia River, Nationals games, summer concerts, ice-skating and something for residents of all ages.

Tell us about the Near Southeast Community Partners’ newest grant opportunity.

NSCP was selected to serve as Third Party Administrator for the $650,000 Virgina Avenue Tunnel Community Mitigation Fund, which awards grants for projects that enhance the community and to offset temporary inconvenience. A committee of community stakeholders, under NSCP’s purview, reviews and selects worthy applications for funding. The current funding application period is open until March 15, 2016. Visit for updates.

What is your favorite place to dine in the neighborhood?

Both Agua 301 & Nando’s Peri-Peri because of their food and their generosity as community partners.

What is the biggest positive change you’ve seen in the neighborhood?

The opening of Yards Park. It has become a great destination for the local community and people throughout the

What is your favorite memory of the neighborhood?

Watching the school buses vacate the lots that are now Canal Park.

Use one word to describe the Capitol Riverfront neighborhood.


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