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Parks Foundation

The Capitol Riverfront Parks Foundation is a charitable and educational 501c(3) nonprofit with a mission to establish, maintain, and promote the use of public parks and other public spaces within the Capitol Riverfront neighborhood; while educating the community about the benefits of such public spaces - incorporating public art and activations.

Parks and green areas foster community engagement, build social ties between neighbors, and develop the character of a community. Capitol Riverfront’s public parks and open spaces have been critical to economic revitalization and community building efforts in the neighborhood.

Capitol Riverfront contains two critically important parks, Yards Park and Canal Park. These flagship parks - along with Diamond Teague Park, Virginia Avenue Park, Buzzard Point Park, and the Memorial Ellipse -  and other public spaces like the pedestrian-oriented section of Half Street, SE between M and N Streets, SE, the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail, and the 2nd Street Underpass Connector offer an important outdoor ethos in this quickly densifying urban environment. They provide venues for recreation, special events, and festivals throughout the year, which are critical to public health, cultural vibrancy, and equitable economic development.

The Capitol Riverfront BID established the Capitol Riverfront Parks Foundation to devote resources to enhancing and maintaining these important spaces and expanding this community-focused, outdoor ethos to every public space throughout the neighborhood.