94.7 Fresh FM's The Tommy Show

Each weekday morning on 94.7 Fresh FM’s The Tommy Show, Tommy McFly, Kelly Collis, and Jen Richer wake up the DMV with laughs, light-hearted conversation, and most importantly today's fresh music! While these local DC celebrities have been in the radio business for quite some time, they just recently moved to the Capitol Riverfront neighborhood with 94.7 Fresh FM’s parent company CBS Radio.

Whether they're on air, taking a coffee break at Canal Park, hanging out at the VIDA Penthouse Pool Club, or cheering on their favorite team at Nationals Park, Tommy, Kelly, and Jen are constantly enjoying their new neighborhood. We sat down with the crew in the 94.7 Fresh FM studio to hear more about their Capitol Riverfront favorites and the latest radio station happenings.

How would you describe the Capitol Riverfront to friends and visitors?

Jen: It's a super fun neighborhood where there's something for everybody: great food and a ballpark with great games. It's a nice mix of old and new.

Tommy: The Capitol Riverfront is an excellent cross section of DC because you have the government, the Navy Yard, and so many awesome new restaurant concepts.

What is your favorite place in the neighborhood?

Kelly: Nats Park. I've been coming down to the neighborhood since the stadium opened, so it's been awesome to see it progress. Every time the sun comes up while we're working early in the morning, I become pretty giddy about being in this neighborhood.

Jen: I also like that it's super local with start-up restaurants like Ice Cream Jubilee and TaKorean who, by the way, have both brought treats to fans at the DC Lottery Live Studio! Ed Sheeran's favorite place is Nando's Peri-Peri, so if he's ever in town the fastest way to meet him is at Nando's.

Tommy: The VIDA Penthouse Pool, hands down.

Summer calls for fun in the great outdoors. What’s your favorite Capitol Riverfront outdoor activity?

Jen: I have a bicycle stashed here in our garage, so I'll ride it around the neighborhood to really take in the waterfront.

Kelly: Diner en Blanc at Yards Park overlooking the Anacostia was a memorable outdoor moment for me.

Tommy: I recently went on an Anacostia River boat cruise, and enjoyed learning about the current river conditions, the efforts that have been made to improve those conditions, and what still needs to be done. It was fascinating to learn how far the river has come!

What has been the biggest change for each of you since moving from a suburban office/studio evironment to an urban one?

Kelly: It’s nice having more of our Fresh FM family come to visit, and fun to be around more activity whether we're in our Fresh FM studio or downstairs at the DC Lottery Live studio.

Jen: I love that we’re so close to Nationals Park—Ryan Zimmerman's “office” is 2 blocks from ours!

Tommy: I think it’s great that CBS Radio is the only major broadcaster in the city that is actually IN the city. We're between the Capitol and the ballpark, which is the center of the world according to most people.

Use one word to describe the Capitol Riverfront neighborhood.

Kelly: Natstown

Tommy: Vibrant

The DC Lottery Live Studio has already been a huge hit among Capitol Riverfront employees, residents, and visitors, as well as diehard music fans. What’s been your favorite moment in the studio?

Kelly: Our fellow CBS Radio station 106.7 The Fan had Cal Ripken in the DC Lottery Live studio last week, and I got to meet him and take a selfie. The DC Lottery Live Studio is so great because there are many stations that utilize it for athletes and musicians of all genres.

Tommy: My favorite moment was when Ryan Cabrera showed me the Ryan Gosling tattoo that he had to get on his leg after losing a bet.  On a more serious note, we’d love for everyone who lives and works nearby to know that DC Lottery Live studio is an open place for people to come see their favorite musicians.

Are there any upcoming 94.7 Fresh FM events that you’d like Front Page News readers to know about?

Jen: We always have a December concert, for which we're currently still working out details, but I can guarantee that it's always amazing.

Tommy: For all radio and DC Lottery Live Studio event updates, follow us online at www.TommyShow.com and each of us on Twitter: @TommyMcFly, @CityShopGirl, & @JenRicher.