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Courtney Elkins is an Associate Veterinarian at Banfield Pet Hospital at The Yards. Before joining the staff at Banfield, Courtney received her veterinary degree from Ross University and has been a veterinarian for 5 years. We talked with Courtney about what she loves about working in the Capitol Riverfront and tips for keeping your pet cool in the summer.

How would you describe the Capitol Riverfront to friends and visitors?

It’s a great place to meet friends, grab a meal, and enjoy the scenery or attend an event!

What types of veterinary services does Banfield offer?

Banfield Pet Hospital specializes in preventive care with a focus on five core areas: vaccinations, parasite control, dental care, nutrition counseling and behavior counseling.

What’s your favorite place to dine in the Capitol Riverfront? 

There are so many! I love the pickled shrimp at Due South, the Pad Ginger at Kruba Thai, and Mexican Radio at Bluejacket.

DC summers can be humid and hot. What are the best ways to keep your animal cool in the summer time?

If your pet spends the majority of the time outside, make sure they access to plenty of water throughout the day as well as a way to get out of the heat. They should have access to a shaded area and proper shelter as well. 
Exercise on warm days should be limited to short periods of time and ideally, during the coolest part of the day. Pet owners should keep walks to a gentle pace, avoid hot sidewalks or roads, and bring a packable water bowl with you while exercising with your pet.

What summer events are you looking forward to in the Capitol Riverfront?

Cheering on the Nats is my favorite summer time activity. I'm hoping to check out some of the concerts at Yards Park.

Are there any discounts or specials you would like to tell our newsletter readers about?

Banfield offers Optimum Wellness Plans, which are packages of preventive pet healthcare that spread the cost of services over 12 months. Each plan includes unlimited office visits, comprehensive exams, routine vaccines and more.

Use one word to describe the Capitol Riverfront neighborhood.