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Maddie Coite

Capitol Riverfront resident Maddie Coite is no stranger to apartment searches. As CMO for apartment search site Apartminty, Maddie helps people find their next home and churns out blog posts and social content about all things apartment living. At home, you can find her testing out new veggie recipes, sipping red wine and chasing down cat hair tumbleweeds.

Why did you decide to move to the Capitol Riverfront?

As someone relatively new to DC, the Capitol Riverfront appealed to me for a number of reasons. As the neighborhood grows and evolves, there are plenty of fun events, activities and dining experiences to keep residents and visitors entertained, but the area still maintains a real residential, community feel. The location of my apartment building Park Chelsea, along with other Capitol Riverfront apartment buildings, is ideal and within a short walking distance to the action at Yards Park, Nationals Park, and Barracks Row.

Since fall is right around the corner, what is your favorite fall event in the Capitol Riverfront?

I always look forward to VegFest. It has been so fun to watch DC evolve more and more into a Vegetarian and Vegan friendly city. VegFest is a great event that treats veg-heads to delicious cruelty-free treats and introduces meat eaters to just how much fun veggie-centric dishes can be. Plus, it's less than 3 blocks from my front door, can't beat that convenience!

As blogger for popular apartment search site Apartminty, you’re a pro at neighborhood guides. What’s your ideal one-day itinerary in the Capitol Riverfront?

This one is easy!  Neighborhood highlights are some of my favorite posts to write.  When I have a free day to spend enjoying the neighborhood, I wake up early(ish) and head to either Lot 38 or Philz Coffee, then take an almond milk latte down to the waterfront.  The Yards Park is set up beautifully and thoughtfully with bistro tables and chairs, benches, etc. so there’s always somewhere to sit and watch the water.  At the moment, I’m really enjoying watching the marina start to fill up; the Anacostia riverfront is really coming to life!  Once I’ve woken up a little bit, I like to stroll along the Riverwalk Trail for a bit, then head back home to Park Chelsea.  If the weather is nice, I go up to the rooftop pool and read for a bit.  For lunch, I love both Takorean and Sweetgreen for their fresh, healthy options.  

In the afternoon, I’d either head to Nationals Park for a baseball game (stopping at the Fairgrounds for a vodka lemonade, some live music and a round of corn-hole, of course!), or on a non-game day, head to Canal Park.  Canal Park has a great splash park and nothing will put you in a good mood like watching little ones having the time of their lives dodging and running through the water fountains.

In the evening, my favorite options for dinner would be Scarlet Oak (awesome pizzas and fresh salads), Due South (bring back the original Lima Bean Hummus please!) or Blue Jacket’s Arsenal (the Brussels sprouts are unreal).  After dinner, depending on the night, I would head to Canal Park for an outdoor movie night, Yards Park for a free Friday night concert, or back home to Park Chelsea to watch the sunset over the monument from the rooftop.  

How would you describe the Capitol Riverfront to a prospective renter on Apartminty?

I would describe the Capitol Riverfront as a young, fresh and accessible community.  Now is the perfect time to call the area home because you’ll be able to experience the joy of watching this neighborhood grow and develop over the next few years as more dining, retail, entertainment and living options are introduced.  Another must-mention is the fact that the location really is great for getting around.  Residents enjoy easy access to the highway and Metro, which is a huge plus for those who commute to work each day.

What is your best advice to those who are thinking about moving to the Capitol Riverfront, and to those who have just moved to the neighborhood?

Take the time to come and get to know the neighborhood.  Come hang out when there is a Nationals game or a Friday night concert in Yards Park and experience the buzz of the neighborhood, but also come on a sleepy Saturday morning to experience the calming nature of the waterfront.  This neighborhood is so dynamic, so take the time to get to know all sides of it.  You’re sure to fall in love with more than one element.    

Describe the Capitol Riverfront in one word.