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Meet the "Capitol Riverfront Caucus"

While hanging out at a Friday Night Concert or any given apartment rooftop, you may run into a group of Capitol Riverfront residents that have formed a longtime friendship throughout their years living in the neighborhood. Adopting the nickname “Capitol Riverfront Caucus,” this friend group has truly embraced the neighborhood lifestyle of DC Amplified. Life Simplified. Nina Lattimore, Tori Collins, Heather Woods, and Amber Gray (pictured here from left to right) are just a few of the friends belonging to the Capitol Riverfront Caucus. While the crew differs in hometowns and career backgrounds, they’ve bonded over the relaxing and entertaining experiences that they enjoy on “the island,” their fond reference for Capitol Riverfront.

Why did you decide to move to Capitol Riverfront? What were you looking for in a neighborhood and a building?

Heather: I moved to DC for work and chose Capitol Riverfront because I knew it was a new neighborhood.  I was excited about all the growth and thought I would grow into the neighborhood and be less overwhelmed by an out-of-state move.  I wanted walkability, coffee shops, and a neighborhood feel. I was excited about music in the park.  That pretty much was my deciding factor to even visit the neighborhood when looking for apartments.  Being near the water is also a plus!

What have been the biggest changes you’ve seen since moving here?

Nina: One of the biggest changes has been the number of restaurants in the area.  The addition of Whole Foods truly made a mark in the neighborhood. 

How would you describe the neighborhood to friends and visitors?

Tori: I would describe the neighborhood as a microcosm of the District of Columbia, in diversity and culture. You know that you are in the Capitol – urban, political, fun and historical but it feels friendly and well-structured.

What is your favorite place in the neighborhood to unwind after a long day of work?

Nina: I enjoy riding my bike down to Yards Park and sitting on the bench facing the water in between District Winery or Osteria Morini. If not up to biking, my rooftop at 100 Capitol Yards has the best views of the Capitol and Monument (for now).

And how do you make the most out of your weekends in Capitol Riverfront?

Amber: I spend most weekends on the rooftop of my building socializing with my neighbors. We may relax in the pool or have a potluck. All of the buildings in the area have great rooftops—they won’t disappoint.

What neighborhood event(s) do you most enjoy?

Tori: I love Friday Night Concerts and Outdoor Movies in Canal Park. Going to the Farmer’s Market on Sunday after church service is also my jam.

What is your best advice to those who are thinking about moving to Capitol Riverfront, and to those who have just moved to the neighborhood?

Amber: The best advice I can give is to network and socialize.  Don’t be afraid to explore the neighborhood and take advantage of tours offered by the BID to learn about the history.  

Describe the Capitol Riverfront in one word.

Caucus: Energetic, Thriving, Bustling