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Meet Your New ANC Anna Forgie

In January 2019, resident Anna Forgie will take on the role as one of the Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners (ANC), 6D02 to be exact, in the Capitol Riverfront neighborhood. Anna's boundaries will include the North of M and Ballpark District subareas of Capitol Riverfront, where Anna is looking forward to meeting more neighborhood residents, serving as a resource for information, and advocating for residents during her time as an ANC.

Why did you decide to move to Capitol Riverfront? What were you looking for in a neighborhood?

The proximity to the water and the exciting sense of being part of a growing, vibrant community.

What is your favorite attribute or characteristic of Capitol Riverfront?

The friendly, welcoming, interested and interesting, hard-working residents. 

How would you describe the neighborhood to friends and visitors?

A waterfront community with something for everyone to enjoy.

What is your favorite neighborhood activity or event?

This is such a tough one. From Nats games to Yards Park Friday night concerts to enjoying Canal Park – how could I choose? 

Favorite places to dine and shop?

Anywhere in the Yards!

What project are you most looking forward to being completed in the neighborhood?

Building the connection between Capitol Riverfront, Buzzard Point, and the Wharf to create a vibrant waterfront accessible by boat, foot, or bike.

What has been the most significant change you’ve seen since moving to the neighborhood?

When I moved here in January 2012,  it sometimes seemed like I was the only person on the metro platform.  Now I see neighbors and friends all the time! 

Use one word to describe the Capitol Riverfront neighborhood.


How can the community keep in touch with you?

Please reach out to me if there is an issue you want the ANC to address. You can follow me on Twitter at @annaforgie2018 or email me at