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Meet Your New ANC Edward Daniels

New Advisory Neighborhood Comissioner (ANC) Edward Daniels will kick off 2019 as representative of the 6D07 portion of the Capitol Riverfront neighborhood. Edward has called DC home for 16 years, and is a proud actor and entrepreneur in the arts and film industry as the owner of two entertainment businesses. Other fun facts: he speaks Japanese and is slightly obsessed with the show Portlandia.

Why did you decide to move to Capitol Riverfront and what were you looking for in a neighborhood?

I began to follow the development of the riverfront many years ago and longed to live here someday. When choosing any place to live I always consider safety, cleanliness, and ease of access to the rest of the city and the surrounding region. 

What is your favorite attribute or characteristic of Capitol Riverfront?

I remember this area when there wasn’t much here besides a few nightclubs, empty warehouses, and fields of gravel. I love the proximity to the water, the modern design of the neighborhood, and the general buzz that remains as the neighborhood grows. Coming from Columbia Heights and Shaw, I first thought that the Capitol Riverfront might be a bit too quiet for me. Having lived here for a few years, I’ve grown to love the area. I’m also a huge fan of spring in Washington, DC, and the energy along the riverfront in spring is quite spectacular!

How would you describe the neighborhood to friends and visitors?

I’ve often described this neighborhood as refreshing, beautiful, and simply unique when compared to other parts of the District. We have the water, the views, one of the most beautiful parks in town, and this is only the beginning of the revitalization of our city’s waterfront.

What is your favorite neighborhood activity or event?

I’m a huge fan of Light Yards each winter. I’m a sucker for art installations and lighting, so the combination of the two is right up my alley. As Commissioner, I’m hoping to lure the creators of Art All Night to the Capitol Riverfront this coming Fall.

Favorite places to dine and shop?

I am a huge fan of Declaration. They have an awesome daily happy hour and I’ve found the staff to be amazingly friendly! I’m often at Takorean on Tuesdays and, as I plan to eat healthier in the new year, I’m sure Sweetgreen will become a daily lunch spot.

What has been the most significant change you’ve seen since moving to the neighborhood?

The pace of retail and residential development here has probably been the biggest change, as there have been numerous restaurant, hotel, and apartment openings. It’s quite a sight to see so many families, runners, bikers, and sports fans flocking to the area, especially when there wasn’t such hustle and bustle just a few years ago.

What project are you most looking forward to being completed in the neighborhood?

I think I speak for most residents when I say that I look forward to a bit less construction in just a few years, when most of the major projects in the neighborhood are complete. I also personally can’t wait to see the new Frederick Douglass Bridge, Thompson Hotel, and welcome a new movie theatre to the neighborhood.

Use one word to describe the Capitol Riverfront neighborhood.


How can the community keep in touch with you?

In addition to my scheduled coffee hours and resident pop-up events throughout the neighborhood, residents may reach me directly online at, email:, twitter: @edwarddaniels, or ANC mobile: 202-930-3720.