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Neighbor & Neighborhood Chef Reid Shilling

Born and raised in Baltimore, Reid Shilling's love of food developed while cooking with family as he was growing up. After venturing out to the West Coast early in his career, Reid returned to his Mid-Atlantic roots and in 2019 opened his first solo restaurant concept Shilling Canning Company, located on the ground floor of mixed-use residential building Arris (360 Water Street, SE) in Capitol Riverfront. Reid is executive chef at Shilling Canning Company and lives in the neighborhood with his wife Sara, who is also partner and director of business development at the restaurant, and their daughter Alina.

What inspired the menu at Shilling Canning Company?

The menu is influenced by the seasons and the product we get drives the menu - much in the way our family did it back in the early 1900’s. We change the menu daily, based on the availability of the best ingredients from our partners. We work with the best farmers, fisherman, and producers of the Chesapeake region and so what they currently grow appears on our menu.

How would you describe the Capitol Riverfront neighborhood to friends and visitors?

Capitol Riverfront is an amazing neighborhood!  There is a great energy to this part of the city and there are so many neat pockets here: The Yards, the Ballpark District, Buzzard Point and Capitol Quarter.  There truly is something for everyone in this neighborhood.  It's rich in experiences and diversity.

What do you love about working in Capitol Riverfront?

I love being able to walk to work - and I know I'm not alone in that.  Everything we need is right here and the access from the rest of the city is easier than people realize. There are ways to avoid game day traffic and still find the gems hiding down here in The Yards.

What is your favorite place in the neighborhood, besides Shilling Canning of course?

I love the foot bridge. I walk my dog there frequently. I used to live on the beach in California, so the water views from the foot bridge satisfy my cravings.

What is your favorite food that you like to prepare at the Shilling kitchen?

It would be impossible for me to choose just one item!  We are extremely fortunate to live in such an agriculturally rich area here in the Chesapeake/DMV. There are some really great farmers like Atilla from Mountain View, Jon from Karma, Emily from Black Rock Orchard, who produce amazing produce. The heritage breed hogs from Autumn Olive in culpepper are some of the best I have ever worked with. I will say that our Preserved Garden Vegetables, which are served with a housemate Buttermilk Cheese, and our Braised Rabbit & Buttermilk Dumplings have been fan favorites since day one.  The dumplings are actually very light and we serve them with a flavorful Black Pepper Gravy, Carrots, Celery, Red Onions an Shiitake Mushrooms.

And for those days when you’re ready to relax at Shilling’s garden patio, what is your go-to drink?

I rarely drink on "school nights" so it's good we have some non-alcoholic options as well.  Our wine and cocktail lists change with the seasons, so there will be plenty of warmer weather options to pair with our food and raw bar.

We are very excited for our culinary garden this spring. We trellis up and over to form a canopy over part of our seating. The tomatoes, cucumbers, kiwi, and beans we grow form a cover that creates an intimate and private dining experience separate from the walkway and with the water views its unlike any other place in the city. The bistro lighting helps to keep it cozy as well. We will hold the tables in our culinary garden for walk ins and, of course, dogs are welcome to dine with their owners in our outdoor space.

Describe the Capitol Riverfront neighborhood in one word.


Can you tell us about any specials happening at Shilling Canning Company?

Happy Hour is available Tuesday - Friday and always includes $10 select glasses of wine, and $6 old Oriole Park.
Plus, the following:
Tuesday: $2 eggs and Oysters
Wed: $10 off bottles of wine
Thursday: $9 select cocktail
Friday: $2 eggs and oysters