Take Our Word For It: Weekly Entertainment

Curious to see what the BID team is up to at home? In this week's edition of the Take Our Word For It series, get a sneak peek into how the team and our families are staying entertained during quarantine. Whether music lessons or leisurely walks - ballet classes or karaoke nights, we now have the opportunity to learn something new or tackle the things we say would "if we just had more time." We hope you find inspiration to keep yourselves smiling and laughing through these difficult times.

Ballet Classes

"Last week I tried a ballet class with the principal dancer at the American Ballet Theater and have even dug my tap shoes out for a few sessions. Who knew living in a basement apartment would have its benefits after all?"

Grace Aucella, Parks Events & Marketing Manager

Music Lessons with Yousician

"Online music lessons for kids and adults alike. You can learn multiple instruments like bass, guitar, ukulele, piano and voice. Lots of lessons, and pretty easy to start. Plus there’s a 7-day free trial if you want to try it out."

Susan Hampton, Public Realm Director

Bon Appetit’s Gourmet Makes Series

"Watching pastry chef Claire’s endearing attempts to recreate popular snacks like Kit Kats and Doritos — from scratch — is the ultimate comfort food you don’t know you need."

Jeff Jamawat, Planning & Development Manager

Mancala Tournaments

"Our family weekend activity is playing mancala. A great game for all ages."

Ted Jutras, Vice President of Planning & Development

YouTube Workouts

"I’ve been following a YouTube workout challenge almost every lunch break. The instructor creates easy, ten-minute workouts that don’t require any equipment plus she’s positive and encouraging as you follow along with the video. Most importantly, it’s free!"

Emily Mangum, Communications Coordinator

Culinary Podcasts

"In my house, we’ve been upping our cooking and bartending game. We share podcasts like ‘Bon Appetit Foodcast’ as well as ‘Drink and Learn."

Dan Melman, Vice President of Parks & Finance

Long Neighborhood Walks

“The past several weeks of shelter in place/staying at home have provided me the opportunity to take long walks either in my neighborhood of Capitol Hill to look at architecture or along the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail, followed by front porch sitting! As it gets warmer, I plan to start biking more.

Michael Stevens, President

Karaoke Night

“Since going out to a karaoke bar is not possible these days, my husband and I have created our own at-home karaoke experience (cocktails included!) with a streaming service called KaraFun that has thousands of songs for all ages to choose from. We even ordered handheld microphones for that more realistic feel.”

Bonnie Trein, Communications Director & Chief of Staff

Bonus: Virtual Art Experiences

While museums may be closed, plenty of them offer virtual tours so you can explore world-renowned exhibits from the comfort of your couch.