Take Our Word For It: Working From Home

This week's installment of the Take Our Word For It series takes a peek into the lives of the BID team as we work from home. You'll see some cute faces and learn some of the teleworking tips we've been using for the past couple of months. We're inspired by the resiliency of the #CapRiv community and continue to work hard to support the local businesses and residential properties who call Capitol Riverfront home. 

“Greetings from Columbia Heights! My roommate and I have been joking that “time has no meaning” in quarantine so, I try to pack up my home office every night to give myself a sense of the end of the day and a fresh start in the morning.” Grace Aucella, Parks Events & Marketing Manager 

Grace hard at work in her Columbia Heights home.


“I make it a priority to do something every day to find a moment to relax. It could be gardening and a hot cup of tea one day or a drive by myself to get out of the house another. Doing that has helped me mentally distance from work like I would if I were leaving the office at the end of the day.” Susan Hampton, Public Realm Director                                                              

Susan working hard as part-public realm director, part-Superwoman with her two sidekicks.


“Getting dressed every morning (though every day is casual Friday) and making a full breakfast help establish a routine to stay focused and productive in a WFH environment.” Jeff Jamawat, Planning & Development Manager

Jeff showing off his skills with a sketch of his home office.


"Among a house full of packing boxes preparing for a move, we’ve carved out some co-working spaces – primarily the dining room table." Ted Jutras, Vice President of Planning & Development 

Ted with his 6-year-old coworker and household graphic designer, Lyla. 


“To help maintain my focus and reduce distractions, I use the Flora app on my phone. You set a time for how long you'd like to focus on a task and during that time a virtual plant grows. If you try to use your phone, the plant will die and your progress is lost. This motivational aspect actually works for me, plus you can grow a whole virtual garden that represents all the hard work you've done!" Emily Mangum, Communications Coordinator

Emily at her “office” in Blue Ridge, VA with her trusty, but sleepy coworker, Mojo.


“My home office has become a college classroom for my twin sons who are home, and still have classes. They do keep very strange hours. We make due elsewhere in the house near the WiFi router. We re-purposed what was originally a beer-pong table in the bedroom in front of a cheery window. For variety, or when both my husband and I have calls, I prefer the ‘conference room’ also known as the living room.” Dan Melman, Vice President of Parks & Finance

Dan’s coworkers, Ryder + Brandy, who have shown little interest in conference calls or spreadsheets.


“My morning Metro commute always allowed me to prepare my brain for the workday by listening to a podcast, music, or audiobook. Although I’m no longer traveling along that same commute, I still try to prepare my brain or take a “brain break” with a podcast or audiobook listen either in the morning or while on my lunch break.” Bonnie Trein, Communications Director & Chief of Staff

Bonnie’s coworker, Pele, who still hasn’t quite learned how to social distance.


“My tips: 1) Stay away from the refrigerator! 2) Take a walk in the middle of the day to recharge your mind and body; 3) Multi-task – I often do laundry or wash dishes to force me to take a break from the work; 4) Stick to your morning routine of getting ready and dressed for work…it maintains a sense of normalcy in a very different working world 5) Stay connected to your workmates through staff call-ins during the week.” Michael Stevens, President


If you'd like to share YOUR tips for teleworking, email emily@capitolriverfront.org and you could be featured here.