Popular Korean-style BBQ food truck TaKorean opened its first brick and mortar location in the Capitol Riverfront in August 2014. Located in Twelve12 at 1212 4th Street, SE, the fast-casual restaurant serves tacos, slaw bowls, and rice bowls with toppings such as bulgogi, ssamjang-barbecued pork, and hoisin tofu; as well as a variety of slaws. With a deep love and appreciation for food, founder and CEO Mike Lenard first opened TaKorean in August 2010 out of a 1985 Ford step van that he converted to a food truck. A native of Washington, DC, Lenard was determined to provide healthy, well-balanced meals at a reasonable price to his fellow Washingtonians. Here’s a first-hand look at Mike’s thoughts on TaKorean and the Capitol Riverfront!

Why did you choose the Capitol Riverfront for your restaurant location? 

The Capitol Riverfront is the fastest developing neighborhood in Washington.  With the culture of baseball, the water, and new residences it seemed like the perfect fit for TaKorean’s first restaurant.

How would you describe the Capitol Riverfront to friends and visitors?

A welcoming family oriented neighborhood on the water, in the heart of Washington, DC.  Great food too!

What is your favorite place in the neighborhood?

Ice Cream Jubilee is the best ice cream shop in the city!

What is the most significant change you’ve seen in the neighborhood since opening TaKorean here?

Every day there is more and more awareness of the neighborhood as a destination.  The growth is going to be       incredible over the summer.

Use one word to describe the Capitol Riverfront neighborhood.


What’s been your greatest achievement since opening TaKorean?

Putting a fantastic team in place at our store.

Any current TaKorean specials that you’d like Front Page News readers to know about?

Yes!  For baseball season – all season long TaKorean will be offering $2 off, two hours before every home game.  Additionally, we’re currently rolling out a few new menu items including: a seasonal vegetable, brown rice, vegan avocado crema, and our famous salsa roja!