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Total Healthcare Solutions

While strolling along M Street in Capitol Riverfront, you may notice a newer business at 920 M Street, SE. Based out of the Capitol Riverfront neighborhood, Total Healthcare Solutions LLC serves patients, businesses, and government customers in and around the District with supplies and a broad range of healthcare-related services. Total Healthcare Solutions CEO Chris Isaacs and VP of business development Tim Johnson have remained friends and entrepreneurial partners since their days playing college football for Youngstown State University, and are both passionate about giving back to their community.

Why did you decide to locate your business to the Capitol Riverfront neighborhood?

Chris: At the time that we were searching for a place to relocate our business, I was really excited about the direction that this area was moving in. I live close to Capitol Riverfront, so I was familiar with the neighborhood and all of its development. I came to look at the building and liked the historic feel and uniqueness of it. For all of those reasons, we decided to locate here.

How would you describe Capitol Riverfront to friends and visitors?

Tim: Entertaining and family-friendly. I’m a huge fan of the gym space at VIDA in The Yards.

Chris: I’d describe the neighborhood as exciting first and foremost. The parks and open spaces, as well as the walkability, really make it a nice area to work in.

What is your favorite place in the neighborhood?

Chris: The Yards Park is great with its water features and adjacent restaurants. My family walks from our house over sometimes along the boardwalk to the park.

Tim: Nationals Park is great for entertainment. Canal Park is also fun in the winter with the ice rink. Since it seems like it stays cold forever in DC, the ice rink takes away the struggle!

Your favorite neighborhood event?

Tim: Nationals games have got to be my favorite.

Chris: I went to Diner en Blanc at Yards Park several years ago, and that still remains my favorite event in the neighborhood!

What is the most significant change you’ve seen in the neighborhood since you’ve worked here?

Chris: The amount of construction, cranes, and buildings being delivered.

Tim: The pedestrian traffic has grown a lot as well. With the amount of new homes and retail here, the number of people walking along the sidewalks has really increased.

Use one word to describe the Capitol Riverfront neighborhood.

Tim: Eclectic

Chris: Dynamic

How is Total Healthcare Solutions connecting with the community, and what’s the best way for local businesses to connect with you?

Chris: Now that were are in the Capitol Riverfront neighborhood, we are very passionate about integrating Tim’s HIP Football League organization with the community, and the possibility of playing on future fields that are in the neighborhood. We want to work toward making this a reality.

Tim: I really created HIP in order to change the way we approach and play football. I’ve applied my 6 year NFL experience directly to HIP Football and share knowledge across the entire spectrum of football as the game continues to evolve. To find out more, visit

Chris: And for local businesses to connect with us on any needs they have, they can find out more information at