Visit  Metro's website for trip advisor information and maps. Real time arrival of trains is also available.

Green Line:

  • The Navy Yard station is in the center of the Capitol Riverfront. The Navy Yard station has two station entrances/exits: New Jersey Avenue, SE & M Street, SE and the intersection of Half Street, SE & M Street, SE.
  • From the Waterfront/SEU station walk east along M St., SW for about five blocks across South Capitol Street.

Orange and Blue Line:

  • From the Capitol South station, walk south along First Street, SE  to D Street, SE.  Then walk one block west to New Jersey Avenue and continue south for about three blocks to reach the Capitol Riverfront.
  • From the Eastern Market station, walk south along Eighth Street, SE (Barracks Row) for about four blocks to reach the Capitol Riverfront.

Beginning Friday, June 3, the Metrorail system will close at midnight every night to allow for the implementation of SafeTrack, an expanded track work plan to improve Metrorail safety and restore service reliability. The last night with a 3 a.m. closing time will be Saturday, May 28.

By closing the system at midnight every night and expanding weekday maintenance opportunities, the SafeTrack plan addresses FTA and NTSB safety recommendations, accelerates work to eliminate maintenance backlogs and restores Metro infrastructure to good health.

Metro Entrances

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Metro Entrances

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