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Annual Report

The Annual Report highlights BID achievements and documents the growth of the Capitol Riverfront neighborhood over the course of each year.


Annual Meeting Presentation

The annual meeting presentation highlights BID and neighborhood achievements and documents development milestones reached annually.


Capitol Riverfront Video

Released in 2015, the Capitol Riverfront BID’s marketing video showcases the vibrancy of the neighborhood. Winner of the International Downtown Association’s Merit Award and the International Economic Development’s Excellence Award.

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StoreFRONT Retail Leasing Opportunities

This 4-page brochure provides provides information about all available retail leasing sites in the neighborhood.


Capitol Riverfront Development Map

This 1-page map identifies project name, owner, use, and status for all existing, under construction, and pipeline development projects in the Capitol Riverfront.

4Q 2016

Development Maps by Use (4Q 2016)

Each 1-page sheet provides an overview of the development market and provides details about the project name, owner, use, and status for all existing, under construction, and pipeline development projects in the Capitol Riverfront.

Residential | Office | Retail | Parks

Development Timeline (1995 - 2018)

Key milestones in the growth of the Capitol Riverfront.

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Capitol Riverfront Perception Survey Results

The BID’s annual perception survey provides the most current demographic and socio-economic data for the neighborhood’s residents and employees and documents resident and employee retail preferences and other neighborhood perceptions.


Urban Design Framework Plan Executive Summary (2013)

Published on the five-year anniversary of the BID, this plan outlines five key initiatives to enhance the Capitol Riverfront: improved regional transit, connected local circulation routes, increased open space, community civic destinations, and clustered retail and interim uses.

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GreenPrint of Growth 2.0 (2017)

In this new report, GreenPrint of Growth 2.0, RCLCO examines the growth that has occurred within a quarter-mile of the Green Line stations from Petworth to Navy Yard Ballpark since the original report. 

Executive Summary | Full Report

GreenPrint of Growth (2012)

The BID commissioned RCLCO to compare the growth around Metrorail’s Green Line stations to growth around other Metrorail stations close-in to DC. The findings reveal that the Green Line corridor, from Navy Yard/Ballpark to Georgia Ave/Petworth, has captured a significant share of the region’s population growth, job creation, and investment, and will likely be an engine of future economic growth.

Executive Summary | Full Report

Lower 8th Street Vision Process Final Report (2010)

This report outlines the Lower 8th Street Vision Process, a community planning effort spearheaded by the BID in 2010. The recommendations from the Vision Process are contained within this summary as well as the collective vision for the area – a vibrant, mixed-use destination that respects and incorporates all existing historic resources.

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